Realising your why in the busyness of your every day

I was asked a profound question this week. One everyone should ask themselves from time to time but one that is OK sometimes not to know, but one at some point you need an answer for.

What’s in it for you? (WHY DO YOU DO WHAT YOU DO?)

I have this grand idea, a vision, a desire – That I, will one day, be involved in improving people’s lives for the better. I don’t care if I’m recognised for doing this but I want to know I have had a positive impact on the quality of at least one person’s world.

So what does this mean for me today?

Today I work in the centre of the travel industry. An industry I believe has the potential to create life-defining experiences. When someone is looking to go on holiday he or she are beginning the process of making a significant investment. Not just in money terms, but also in time and on behalf of the other people they are connected to and whom may be accompanying them.

If they are like me, they will sit down and visualise all that could happen on holiday. Instagram, Facebook, Google and many others have made it all to easy to be visually excited about anywhere in the world but what they haven’t quite cracked is how to ensure I experience what I just visualised.

The problem, we get inspired and then left frustrated by the process of trying to recreate and obtain that experience.

What if someone cared enough?

I am passionate about the use of data, artificial intelligence, machine learning to personalise experiences, to see the impossible and complex become possible. So that everyone booking travel around the world feels like they were being treated as an individual. There is enough data out there today for agents to shape a journey and enhance the experience, the key ingredient is CARE. Do they care enough for their customers?

Working towards my WHY today

I get out of bed hoping to excite and influence online travel agencies that this is the world they need to live in – creating unforgettable travel experiences regardless of the trip someone is taking. I have the privilege to be working on tools and applications that can help them in this.

If the process of travel buying is going to grow into a special experience that captures the hearts and minds of their customers they need to get better at understanding them personally. When people feel like a transaction in an emotional exchange part of the excitement vanishes, when people feel wanted and loved during that exchange the anticipation and sense of excitement grows and as long as the travel agent goes on to create the best possible environment for success the chances that someone comes away from that travel experience changed, positively, for the better, for them and those around them, is only increased and I start to realise my why.

Find your WHY and then apply it to everything you do – There will be no greater success