Travel buying — the experience shift

Travel buying is pretty much the same today as it has always been. Decide where you want to go, search for the cheapest flights, then find a hotel that fits your budget.

With the rise of new sites like Culture Trip, Cool Cousin, and many others, I think a significant shift is about to happen.

We live in a generation defined by their experiences, not where they went or where they stayed

If you can inspire the traveler with what is unique, then deliver the unique experience you can control the flow of demand that suppliers will run to. As this approach evolves I think travel buying will shift to first identifying the experience and then allowing others or the services you use to take care of the mundane travel components.

If what is written about this generation and experiences over assets is true, this seems like a natural progression and whoever gets it right has a great opportunity to help an industry evolve, take some of the pain out travel buying and at the same time create massive commercial opportunities.

This is my thoughts, I’d love to hear how you think travel buying will change to better serve a new generation, and who will win with this shift.