Momentum will keep you up front

I love watching Formula 1. In my opinion, it is one of the best sports ever created. The need to drive every lap on the edge of what the car is capable, the teamwork required to set the car up and the commitment during the intensity of the race to change 4 wheels in 2 seconds. It’s a sport that truly reflects the greatness of human-kind and what is possible when you put your mind to it.

It is a sport in which one team usually does a better job and therefore the number 1 driver in that team becomes that years world champion.

This is why last year (2018) was so good to watch. Sebastian Vettel, privileged to be in quite simply for much of the year the better car, along with the Ferrari management throw away the championship to Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes.

It wasn’t just down to the car or Lewis (they obviously did play a part) but it’s because once you start winning, it’s hard to stop. With the way some of the wins were handed to Lewis it caused Seb to overdrive, pushed Ferrari down the wrong technical path and led Ferrari to second-guess themselves too many times on the pit wall.

Winning starts to become a habit (as does losing)!

Sports stars don’t always have to be at their best if they are winning.

Celebrate the win, keep the emotion and take the momentum into your next game because it will give you the edge.